Understanding documentation - how to sync cloud service to other cloud providers?

Hi guys,

I develop a project management cloud service which hosts files and folders per project.
I would allow my users to sync their projects with their own cloud providers (Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Dropbox etc…).

Can Oxygen cloud help me to do that ?
Looks like you have 2 solutions: a solution to sync cloud storage platform (in this case, my service) with other cloud storage (mainstream ones like Dropbox etc…), and a solution to sync local computer or server files (like Google Drive installed on a computer) to sync with a cloud service.

The only API readable in the doc is this one: https://docs.oxygencloud.com/reference/infinity-drive-mounts. Looks like it’s only for the server and desktop sync. Where can i find a documentation the files and folders of my cloud service with an other cloud service - Microsoft 365 for example ?

Anyway your documentation very opaque, would be really great to have more images / diagrams of what your technology can do :wink:

Thanks a lot for your help !

Thanks for your interest. We don’t offer cloud-to-cloud sync as a service; thus, there is no API for that. However, we are actively considering offering the service. What’s your timeframe for a solution? Are you creating a commercial product? Has it launched?

There is another approach to consider. Instead of synchronizing data, it may be easier to connect user cloud storage. For example, a user can link a folder in cloud storage to the project management system. Once linked, the user can access their files in the context of the project management service. If the project is shared, other users can also access the connected storage. Oxygen has an API to support access. Is this a path to explore?