Sync Toolkit (08-07-2019) Win-32 / Mac-30 / Linux-30

Hi everyone,

We’ve got a second release of the Sync Toolkit ready now with some refinements.

Sync Toolkit (Win v.32 / Mac v.30 / Linux v.30):

  • Looks for gateway registry information in the .gateway folder now.
    • Compatible with Explorer Toolkit Win v.48 / Mac v.44 / Linux v.44 or higher.
    • Prior Explorer Toolkit builds put gateway registration info within the .oxygen folder so this version of Sync Toolkit won’t be able to detect storage you’ve authorized with older versions of the Explorer Toolkit).
  • Implements the revamped rules API.
  • Command sync conflicts resolve: added more information to help pick a version to keep.
  • Command sync mounts: added the automatic refresh rate value for each mount.
  • Usage output cleanup, error message improvements, and other cleanup.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

As usual, grab the package from the download page of our docs. Try it out and let us know how we can make the Sync Toolkit more useful for your needs.