Oxygen Toolkit (01-29-2020) Win-60 / Mac-142 / Linux-100

Hi folks,

We’ve got a follow-up toolkit refinement release with the following changes:

Win v.60 / Mac v.142 / Linux v.100:

  • Sync: new upload and download commands to force uploading or downloading (or re-upload or re-download) of a particular file or folder.
  • Sync: new pending command to simplify finding changes which have not synchronized yet.
    • List all pending changes or filter by a particular type of status (e.g. failed, ignored, excluded, offloaded, new, deleted, updated)
    • Resolve pending changes by using download, upload, and undo subcommands. This replaces prior excluded and holds commands, but the conflict and failed commands still exist for further resolution (such as choosing to ignore a file).
  • Sync: enhancements to the information returned by the status command.
  • Sync: small interface changes (e.g. mounts is now mount and conflicts is now conflict).
  • A variety of bug fixes and other improvements.

Please try out the changes by downloading the new toolkit from the download page. Read more about the toolkit in general on the toolkit docs page or check out our reference documentation for the explorer and sync commands.