Oxygen Drive (11-23-2019) Win-282

Hi Oxygen Users,

There’s a new release out with some enhancements to the new Storage Manager admin interface from last time. We’ve also packed a lot of general refinements and bug fixes into this one, so you should be sure to get it.

Win v.282:

  • Storage Manager enhancements:
    • Paths are now clickable links so you can open the locations directly in Windows Explorer.
    • There is a Refresh option available so you can refresh the storage list without having to exit and reopen the dialog.
    • Removing storage is more responsive in updating Windows Explorer accordingly.
  • App initialization flow changes.
  • Sign In and Sign Out improvements.
  • Addressed the remaining known issue from the prior release note:
    • Fixed: Add storage: unable to create an Amazon Drive or Procore link with the Save link to cloud option enabled.
  • Other bug fixes.

You can get the installer from here, and view the usage guide for more information. Those of you with the prior release (Win-254) should be able to use the Check Update option from the tray menu to get the new release as well.