Oxygen Drive (11-18-2019) Win-254

Hi folks,

We’ve got another release of Oxygen Drive with some additional refinements and a storage manager administrative interface. Check out the details below.

Win v.254:

  • Storage Manager: launch the new storage manager from the app tray menu to do the following:
    • See your linked storage and double-click to open Windows Explorer to it.
    • Add new storage (configured for either local access on this machine only or saved to the metacloud under your Oxygen user).
    • Remove existing linked storage.
    • Rename an existing storage.
  • Fixes to known issues from the prior release note:
    • Fixed: the explorer shell command line utility packaged with Oxygen Drive is not working (cannot be launched) in this release.
    • Fixed: moving files between folders, even within the same storage source, may be denied. Normally, you should be able to move files within the same storage freely.
  • Other bug fixes and refinements.

Download the installer from here, and read the usage guide documentation for more information about Oxygen Drive.

That is still a known issue from the prior release which we have in development currently and will be available soon.

Known issues:

  • Add storage: unable to create an Amazon Drive or Procore link with the Save link to cloud option enabled (you can still create local-only links which are not saved to the cloud).

Let us know how you’re using Oxygen Drive and if there’s anything you’d like to see us implement for it. Thanks!