Oxygen Drive (11-13-2019) Win-204

Hi Oxygen Cloud Users,

Here’s another release of the Oxygen Drive product.

Win v.204:

  • Installer and configuration updates.
  • Non-interactive mode:
    • Quit the tray menu app to eliminate dialog pop-ups.
    • Storage will still be accessible (browsing, uploads, downloads, etc.)
  • Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Get the installer from the usual place, and see the usage guide documentation for more information about the product.

For this particular release, please note that there is a set of known issues. We are working to fix these in the next or another upcoming release.

Known issues:

  • Add storage: unable to create an Amazon Drive or Procore link with the Save link to cloud option enabled (you can still create local-only links which are not saved to the cloud).
  • Explore tool: the explorer shell command line utility packaged with Oxygen Drive is not working (cannot be launched) in this release.
  • Move operations: moving files between folders, even within the same storage source, may be denied. Normally, you should be able to move files within the same storage freely.

If any of these issues are prohibitive, please wait until we can resolve them (very soon). Thanks for your patience.