Oxygen Drive (10-23-2019) Win-53

Hi folks,

We have another Oxygen Drive release for you with the following improvements:

Win v.53

  • Fix for double-click to download-and-open a file with unicode characters in its file name.
  • Updated cloud badge to indicate that a local file is sparse.
  • Rebranding changes for the product distribution: “Oxygen Cloud” to “Oxygen Drive”.
  • Operational/maintenance update for the shell utilities (explorer shell, drive shell).
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve installed either of the prior releases (Win v.15 or v.45), you will need to uninstall that version first before installing v.53 since upgrade is not supported at this time.

The new installer is available here, and the usage guide documentation is available for more information about Oxygen Drive.