Oxygen cloud vs Odrive


I am a current user of Odrive that I find a wonderful tool and just discovered Oxygen cloud. Could you please explain what are the differences between Odrive, Oxygen Drive and Infinity Drive?

Hi @adam314315,
Apologies for getting to this question so late.

In general, odrive is more focused on cloud storage solutions for personal/individual use. This is not to say that it doesn’t apply to business environments, as well, but odrive deals more with connecting users to storage and allowing them to access, augment, manage, and share their various storage silos in one place.

Oxygen Cloud is more focused on cloud storage use cases and solutions for IT professional environments. Its primary purpose is to connect machines to storage. This covers servers as well as workstations and deals with solutions involving local and remote storage aggregation and management. Oxygen Cloud’s products address factors such as deployment, scaling, resource efficiency, automation, virtualization, integration development, embedding, administration/management, access control, etc…

Infinity Drive’s technology resembles odrive in a number of ways, but it is not meant to be a direct replacement for odrive. It provides a low-level filesystem integration to give machines and users real-time, direct access to cloud storage. Infinity Drive is built to be embeddable in other applications, which allows third parties the ability integrate our technology into their own products.

Oxygen Drive (currently Windows only) is our current productized implementation of Infinity Drive. You can read more about it here in our initial release notes: Oxygen Drive (10-17-2019) Win-15