Infinity Drive (09-19-2019) Win-303

Hello Oxygen Community,

Here’s another Infinity Drive release with a bunch of performance improvements and puts in protection against copying out sparse files from the drive).

Infinity Drive (Win v.303):

  • Performance improvements:
    • Much faster creation of sparse files at scale when you first click into a large folder with 1000+ sparse files.
    • Double-click to download-and-open call should be faster especially when you are deep into a folder structure due to reduced volume of network calls being made.
    • Bulk uploading lots of files to a single folder should be much faster.
  • Block copying out sparse files:
    • You’ll get an OS permission denied alert when trying to copy out a sparse file to prevent users from inadvertently losing data.
    • In the future we’ll display our own export dialog to facilitate giving the user a way of downloading the contents before copying the files over.

Get the new release here, and learn all about Infinity Drive through the usage guide docs… thanks for your interest in the Infinity Drive, and let us know if you have any ideas to make it more useful for you.