Infinity Drive (09-14-2019) Win-279

Hi folks,

We’ve got another round of fresh improvements and fixes for you…

Infinity Drive (Win v. 279):

  • Performance improvements, especially around browsing against OneDrive storage.
    • NOTE: to fully realize this benefit, make sure you are using the latest Explorer Toolkit as well).
  • Progress Monitor fixes and improvements. You should see files that are actively uploading/downloading as well as queued up for upload/download in the Activity tab. The Progress Monitor feedback should be consistent with what you see with file badging.
  • Sync and Unsync refinements:
    • The dialogs have also been updated to provide more information about what sync and unsync do.
    • Protection against unsyncing a file or folder with changes in it that have not synced up to remote storage yet (the affected files will continue to upload, and they will remain regular local files once they have finished uploading).
    • Other fixes and improvements.
  • Fix for download issue with fs storage
    • This new Infinity Drive release will work with older File Server Toolkit releases.
    • Conversely, the new File Server Toolkit will conversely work with older Infinity Drive versions.

You can get the new installer from the usual place in our docs page. Review the usage guide for more information about how Infinity Drive works and how to set it up. Let us know what you think and what else you’d like to see!

Thanks for tuning in,

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