Infinity Drive (08-15-2019) Win-78

Hi folks,

Another Infinity Drive release is out! Check out the details below.

Infinity Drive (Win v.78):

  • File badging in Windows Explorer:
    • New files and file updates that are currently uploading to remote storage get a fuscia “in progress” badge.
    • Background downloads will also badge fuscia “in progress”.
    • Note: there’s no badging on active downloads (triggered by user double-clicking on a file) since the small download progress window already comes up to indicate progress.
  • Important fix for an issue on start-up where the Infinity Drive downloaded virtual files everywhere in storage right away. The correct behavior is to only progressively present the virtual files in a folder when you click into a folder for the first time.
  • Revision to Sync rules: naming changes and file/folder granularity for upload and download. See the Rules documentation page of our sync reference API for the current specification.
  • Bug fixes, additional configuration changes, and cleanup

Get the new Infinity Drive release here. And don’t forget to have a glance at the new Developer Guide to learn more about building your own custom Infinity Drive.