File Server Toolkit (09-13-2019) Win-8 / Mac-7 / Linux-7

Hello Oxygen Community,

Here’s another File Server Toolkit release with the following changes…

File Server Toolkit (Win v.8 / Mac v.7 / Linux v.7):

  • Fix for downloading files was broken when using certain older versions of Infinity Drive with the prior version of the File Server Toolkit. This new version should work with those older versions as any recent versions now.
  • Configuration changes to make it easier to upgrade your File Server Toolkit build.

You can grab the new package here. Consult the usage guide for more information about the File Server Toolkit and how to set it up.

If you are upgrading from a prior version of the toolkit, please see the upgrade instructions at the bottom of the usage guide page. In particular, see the blue callout box at the bottom regarding upgrade from very old versions.