File Server Toolkit (07-18-2019) Initial Release

Hi Oxygen Cloud Users,

We’ve got a new File Server Toolkit available for you which will allow you to make any folder on a Windows, Linux, or Mac machine accessible to the explorer tool from your Explorer Toolkit machine.

Simply go to the machine that has your storage, download the new toolkit, and follow the instructions on the corresponding usage guide tutorial to get started.

File Server Toolkit (Win v.1 / Mac v.1 / Linux v.1):

  • Ability to make specific folder paths available to Explorer Toolkit, secured by a secret key of your choosing.
  • Support for making your authorized access paths read-only.

As you get comfortable using the Explorer Toolkit with your Cloud Storage accounts, we hope you’ll appreciate having the ability to access your own private storage, too. Just another way we’re trying to break down all storage silos and make all storage universally (and securely) available.


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