Explorer Toolkit (08-30-2019) Win-105 / Mac-100 / Linux-98

Hello Oxygen Cloud Community,

There’s an updated explorer toolkit build available for download here. There are several new integrations and performance improvements that you’ll want to get.

Explorer Toolkit (Win v.105 / Mac v.100 / Linux v.98):

  • Connect Storage: support for Amazon S3 and S3-compatible storage sources.
    • Includes support for Wasabi Cloud Storage which is authorized using its own (simpler) command.
  • Connect Storage: support for connecting to Procore storage (company documents and project documents).
  • The explorer.exe utility was renamed to explore.exe to prevent confusion with the existing explorer.exe Windows Explorer process.
  • Configuration adjustments.
  • Caching for the explorer ls command (can use the -r or --refresh options to force refresh)
  • Other performance improvements.

As usual, you can browse our Explorer Toolkit usage guide documentation for more information.