Explorer Toolkit (07-31-2019)

Hi folks,

Here’s a follow-up release of the Explorer Toolkit with some improvements and fixes.

Explorer Toolkit (Win v.43 / Mac v.39 / Linux v.39):

  • Revised explorer command options have been implemented. There are now --recursive, --merge, --overwrite, --skip options for download, upload, and copy. See the Explorer Shell CLI Reference for more details (e.g. download command).
  • Fix for explorer mv command (Dropbox, OneDrive storage).
  • Fix for explorer upload command with 0 byte files (Dropbox, OneDrive storage).
  • Rate-limit handling improvements.
  • Other Bug fixes and user experience improvements.

You can get the new toolkit package from the download page of our docs. If you’ve already installed our prior release, you’ll find that updating your version is fairly simple.

Stay tuned for more. We’re busily updating our docs, releasing toolkits, and improving everything we can.