Can't authorize more than one cloud with same account name

If I do
explorer dropbox authorize
explorer google_drive authorize
With same account name then first one is disappear. I didn’t find anywhere such restrictions and accounts are folders under cloud folder, so looks like it’s bug.
My toolkit version is 14

Thanks @y6ep3,

Yes, this is a bug. We originally intended to only have a restriction that storage names must be unique in your account for a particular type of storage (so you cannot have two OneDrive accounts named “work”). However, there is a current issue which makes prevents having two storages named “work” even if they are of different types (e.g. dropbox and google_drive), so right now your storage names need to be unique across all storage types.

For now, could you give your two accounts different names? We can update here when we are able to resolve this issue. Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this issue.


P.S. Can I ask what you’re trying to do with the Oxygen Toolkit? We’d like to know how we can help you better with your use case.

Thx for quick response!
Yes, I set different account name without problem when I guessed that it’s account name uniqueness problem.
I will waiting for you notify after fixing the issue, thank you!

I use toolkit to combine all my cloud storages in one place and configure only one sync daemon for my necessary configuration files (placed all over my linux) and other important files from different storage repeatable way.

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