Can I supply my own OAuth accessTokens and my own app's client id / secret?

Hi Jeff, we already have a number of access tokens for Microsoft stored in our database, is it possible to pass these accessTokens to the explorer auth rather than authorise with odrive? This would remove the requirement for a user to authorise with our application and then also authorise with yours?

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Hi Scott,

There’s no current way to pass in those accessTokens yet. Since accessTokens are tied to a developer API key, you’d also need to be able to supply your own API key credentials as well (such that when we try to refresh the accessToken using your supplied refreshToken, we wouldn’t fail when we try to use our own client_id and client_secret). Being able to pass in your own developer API credentials is something we did discuss as a possible advanced use case before, but it’s not yet available. Thanks for indicating interest in this, as it helps us to factor that into our planning.

There are also plans to allow you to sign up for an Oxygen account so that you can link your storage once and then easily assign the same access to linked storage by signing in to the Oxygen account on multiple machines (or if you are scripting and don’t want the Oxygen account’s username and password to sit in a script file somewhere, you can create storage access keys which can be used to authorize access to specific storage areas). This isn’t quite the same use case as you’re describing but it’s related in the sense that you would only have to authorize once, then set up a storage access key, and then script getting access using the storage access key for any desired machines.

We’ll keep you updated on any movement in these areas.


Thanks @jeff, I would definitely +1 the ability to pass in the developer API key. Without this we might not be able to build the toolkit into our software. Having to force our users to authorise in two places could be a deal breaker.